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Dallas Real Estate Blog


The Dallas Texas Real Estate Market Report for July 2018

The newest data released by NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) for July 2018 indicates that the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market might be slowing some.  The median sale's price has increased since July of 2017, but the increase of the median price could only be an indicator that living in DFW is getting more expensive.  Our official NTREIS MLS report for July 2018 sums up the statistics as the following:

"Housing price bubble chatter has increased this summer, as market observers attempt to predict the next residential real estate shift. It is too early to predict a change from higher prices and lower inventory, but the common markers that caused the last housing

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june 2018 dallas real estate statistics

The Dallas Texas Real Estate Market Report for June 2018

The newest data released by NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) for June 2018 indicates that the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market might be slowing some.  The median sale's price has increased since June of 2017, but the rising median sale's price is the only factor which would still be in favor of the seller.  Our official NTREIS MLS report for June 2018 sums up the statistics as the following:

"Just like last year at this time, prospective home buyers should expect a competitive housing market for the next several months. With payrolls trending upward and unemployment trending downward month after month in an extensive string of positive economic news, demand remains

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final walk through checklist

Final Walk Through Before Closing

The day is finally here! You’ve found the home of your dreams, have an accepted offer, and received the inspection report revealing both common issues and major problems. You may have even already purchased brand-new furniture to go with your swanky new pad. Sound familiar? Because the final walk-through typically takes place only a few days before the closing – when buyers are feeling most excited – it is all-too-easy to miss signs of damage, leading to unnecessary stress and unforeseen expenses down the line. Thankfully, I am here to help avoid that. In this post, I will walk you through what to look out for during your final walk-through. I have also created a handy Final Walk-Through Checklist which can be

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buying a home in dallas

Buying a home in Dallas is one of the best investments you can make, especially if you’re currently renting.

The image to the right is from Charlotte, NC based Real Estate Brokerage, uphomes. It's a great real estate quote from T Harv Eker:

It's no secret that buying a home can be an absolute disaster as well, that's why you'll want to pay close attention to the tips in this article. The information is coming from a local Dallas Realtor who has seen the good and the bad.

Without further ado, here are 7 things to know before buying a home in Dallas:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Downpayment
  • Mortgage Options
  • Neighborhoods + Location
  • School Districts
  • Commute to Work
  • Choosing a Realtor


Plan Ahead

Whether you're buying

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closing on a house

Closing Day: What Happens at a Home Closing?

You've found the perfect house and had your offer accepted -- no mean feat in this real estate market. You've gone through inspections and negotiations with the sellers until you both reached a comfortable compromise. Your mortgage rate is locked in, and you've even gotten a homeowner's insurance policy for your new property.

But before you can move in, you have to go through a mysterious process called "closing." You know that the result of the closing process is that you get the keys to your new house, but you're not certain about what happens during closing or what materials you need to bring. As well, you might be slightly worried: Is there anything you can do wrong during closing to jeopardize

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fees when buying a house

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a House

Unlike goods such as clothing or groceries, the price tag of your new house isn't all that you'll end up paying in the process of becoming a property owner. The listing price of a home typically does not include several extra expenses that you'll incur as you go through the sales process. For most buyers, the costs are wrapped up in your mortgage loan, and it can be confusing as to exactly what you're paying.

In fact, many home buyers don't even realize that some of these expenses are part of the real estate buying experience until it's time to sign the closing paperwork. To best understand the sales process from start to finish, and to know exactly what you're paying for, here's an overview of some of the

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best time to buy a house

What is The Best Time of Year to Buy a House

If you're moving and need just the right home in your new city, you won't pay much attention to the time of year when you're buying. Likewise, if the perfect property in the neighborhood you've been eyeing comes on the market, you'll put an offer in no matter what month it is. But for those who have more flexibility when it comes to buying a home, there could be a better time of year to get serious in your search.

Which Season is Best for You?

Just because average prices trend lower or availability is higher in a particular season doesn't mean that's the right time of year for you to start your search for the perfect home.

After all, the value of residential real estate can be pretty subjective.

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old house or new house

For some home buyers, a house with history is at the top of their list of "must have" features. They don't mind making an older home their very own. Other buyers would like to be the first to live in their new residence — with nothing to repair or remodel. Does it just come down to personal preference, or is purchasing a new home better than signing the papers for a house that's been lived in by others?

The good news is that the pros and cons of living in an older home vs. a newer one tend to balance each other out, making the decision one that comes down to personal preference. You may weight specific features more highly than another buyer, making one type the absolute right choice for you. Or maybe you're measuring the costs associated with

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before making offer

The process of making an offer to purchase a home should be something you've started in the background well before you get serious about making an offer on a possible house to buy.

Let's face it before you get serious; you've most likely done a lot of online research and consulted with a market expert (or at least that's what you should have been doing).  You may have gone to some open houses or kicked some tires on some homes, but you most likely weren't ready until you've decided a few things.  The most important deciding factors of where most people choose to live are things like area, neighborhood, price range, school district, number of bedrooms, amenities in the home and community, and other things you "must have" in a new home.

As a

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best home buying tips


This article is a guide for things you need to know to negotiate a better deal on a piece of property.  There are specific tips, tricks and negotiation tools only the best REALTORS® know.  Here is a glimpse of what makes some individual REALTORS® shine during negotiations.

Neither the top REALTORS® nor the smartest buyers wing it in negotiations.  Below are the best tips to learn how to get a seller to take less money for their home.  And, these tips work!


Psychology plays a HUGE roll in the negotiation of properties in real estate, and sellers are proud of their homes.  In fact, Duke University did a study on how we, as humans, price

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