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sell your house in dallas tx

How to Sell Your House in Dallas, TX, with Knox & Associates

When you're ready to take the next step toward selling your Dallas Texas home, Knox & Associates is here to help. Our comprehensive Dallas area home selling plan will get your home seen by thousands of motivated and correct buyers.  Yes, we target the correct buyer for your home.  Read below to see how we filter to make sure your house is seen by the correct buyer when it is for sale.  

We go above and beyond other traditional brokerage firms to make sure your home is seen by the most possible buyers.  Remember, it only takes one buyer when you are selling your home in Dallas TX.  So, it only stands to reason that your home is seen by as many of the correct potential buyers as possible.  How do we accomplish this?  Read below to find our steps,

how to sell your house - meet with our professional realtorsCONSULTATION

Great real estate advice is not easy to find.   Top, professional REALTORS® should meet with you for a minimum of two hours to view your home, address concerns they may see or find, and give you a comprehensive plan of attack for selling.  No two homes are exactly alike and, unfortunately, real estate advice is not a "one size fits all" approach.   

During our listing meeting, we will explain that any REALTOR® representing you needs to do at least six basic things to best represent you during the listing: (1) Trusted Advisor - we teach you how to get the most net for your listing; (2) Protector - we pay attention to details, anticipate problems and solve those problems because delays cost you money; (3) Eyes & Ears - we follow and monitor all activities and show you how you stack up against the competition; (4) Master Marketer - we ensure your property shows well, provide complete market exposure and target the right buyers; (5) Skillful Negotiator - we will guide you through the appropriate negotiation strategy; and, (6) Pricing Specialist - we will help you decide on the right listing price based on current market factors. 


We will provide full market data beyond just the traditional comps, or CMA (Competitive Market Analysis).  The comps, or CMA, will only show a seller where their home prices today.  Unfortunately, CMA reports do not show a seller where the market is headed.  Additional resources a seller needs to know are things like the market absorption rate, current statistics as to where the market is headed for sellers - either upward or downward.  

Many REALTORS® are guilty of showing up at a listing interview with only a CMA to give to the seller.  However, a seller needs more information from a professional REALTOR® to make an informed decision on the correct pricing of the home.  Statistics from the National Association of REALTORS® tell us that with even one price reduction on a home, it takes three times as long to sell and only sells from approximately 85% of the reduced list price.

Let's imagine that your home should price for $200,000 today according to the CMA.  However, a full market report shows a rising market.  This means with the full scope of a market report, you and your REALTOR® can price your home a tad bit higher knowing the market is on the rise, which will ultimately put more money in your pocket.

right list price for selling my dallas homeFIND BUYER

This may sound odd, but general marketing won't cut it when listing a house.  Not only won't general marketing work, it isn't what is best for you as a client. Many REALTORS® fail when it comes to identifying the buyer pool and subsequently marketing heavily to the correct set of buyers.

Please know that when interviewing a REALTOR®, one of the most important topics you will discuss is marketing to the right pool of buyers.  A REALTOR® should go over this in-depth with you prior to listing your house.

Correct marketing and buyer targeting is essential when selling your house in Dallas.  For example, let's say you are selling a one bedroom condo in Uptown.  We are NOT looking for a family with children.  This group is NOT the buyer of your one bedroom condo.  Does this make sense?  Many REALTORS® fail to target the correct buyer from the beginning of a listing which leads to delays and a loss of money for the seller.


In marketing your home, Knox & Associates also develops a listing which emphasizes your home's unique and sellable aspects. We then put your home in front of buyers - lots and lots of potential buyers. Placing your listing and establishing it on the local MLS® is simply the first step in today's technical world of real estate sales.

Remember above when we talked about defining the buyer pool?  We use what is known as geo-fencing to capture the attention of that buyer pool.  The National Association of REALTORS® gives us good statistics as to where and how to find certain types of buyers.  By using these statistics, we create a marketing campaign by harnessing the power of social media and getting your home directly in front of the best buyer pool available.

This way, the best potential audience is seeing your home above all others.  This is what helps Knox & Associates sell homes faster and for more money than our competitors.  Our tech savvy agents know just how to market a home and make it rise above the competition.



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