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Selling Your Home

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how to find the best realtor and real estate agent

A Guide to Finding The Right REALTOR®

Selling and buying a house can be a stressful process, but finding the best Realtors doesn't have to be a difficult task. If you follow the guidelines that a growing number of savvy home sellers are adhering to, you too can find an agent that will sell your house for the maximum amount of money possible.

Key Takeaways For How to Find a Good REALTOR®

  • The best REALTOR® isn't necessarily a friend or family member
  • The cheapest Real Estate Agent may not save you money in the end
  • Just because a REALTOR® agrees with your list price doesn't make them the best
  • Be careful of the self-proclaimed "Local Expert" REALTOR®
  • The best REALTORS® aren't hard to reach
  • Top Real Estate Agents listen to
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why didn't my home sell?

the truest, most honest answers as to why your home did not sell

First things first and full disclosure - I can be as straightforward and candid with you in this article as I want to be.  I'm not your listing agent, so I'm going to have a heart-to-heart discussion with you about why your home did not sell.  I guess that's one of the advantages to the online world.  I can be completely honest with you and you'll have no hard feelings towards me after reading my thoughts.  There are always exceptions to rules, but I can bet that your house did not sell because of one (or more) of the reasons listed in this article.  The good news is that there are tangible reasons homes do not sell, this article will explain those reasons, and help you potentially

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what is a home inspection - do i need a home inspection

Should I Get a Home Inspection?

Few people would ever buy a home without viewing it first. After all, any sensible buyer would want to see first hand what they are getting. However, the person who buys a home without a home inspection is doing this without a full knowledge of potential issues.

Inspections are a good idea even for newly built homes that pass construction codes. Home inspections in such cases are an extra layer of protection against construction defects that would otherwise require costly repair work later on.


A home inspection is a visual examination of its structural integrity and its foundation. The inspection includes the roof and walls as well as the home's systems such as the

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which home improvements add the most value to your home

Whether you're trying to sell a home in Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Frisco, or even somewhere outside DFW like Leander, Texas, all of the tips & improvements below will help get your home ready for the market.

Summary of the Best Home Improvements that Add Value:

  • Don't always put stock in home improvement shows
  • Check your neighborhood comps (comparable homes)
  • Make sure your upgrades will appeal to buyers
  • Don't start a bigger project than you will finish
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms are always number one with buyers

Which Home Improvement Projects Add the Most Value to Potential Buyers?

Television is saturated with home improvement shows. In a single 30 to 60-minute episode, viewers can watch as a team of experts “magically”

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zillow dallas tx - are zestimates accurate

Zillow Zestimates in Dallas Texas - How Accurate are They?

About Dallas Texas Zillow Zestimates®

  • Zestimates® do not use real sold data in Texas for estimates
  • Texas is a non-disclosure state with sale prices
  • No large portal site like Zillow uses real sold data in their estimates
  • Licensed REALTORS® & Appraisers use accurate data
  • Zestimates® are important to both sellers & buyers
  • Why Zillow sometimes has outdated information
  • The Conclusion on Zestimates

With the popularity of bigger syndication websites like Zillow, Trulia and, many consumers believe they can attain the same information from those sites as they can a local, professional REALTOR®.  Unfortunately, this is false and there doesn't seem to be

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The Dallas Texas Real Estate Market Report for September 2016

According to the new data released by NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) in conjunction with the Metrotex Association of REALTORS® for September 2016, the Dallas real estate market still indicates there is very little change in DFW's "hot" real estate market.

Quickly Interpreting the September 2016 Market Report Numbers

In what was already considered a red hot seller's market a year ago in September 2015, the real estate statistics from September 2016 show indicators which still favor sellers over buyers and would absolutely indicate this is still a "seller's market."

All indicators listed above favors sellers.  While buyers do have more "new

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typical home maintenance issues

Spring is not the only time when you should be concerned with home maintenance. Maintenance should be performed year round to ensure your home is adequately prepared for each change in season. Getting your home ready for colder weather differs from preparing it for spring, and here are some of the typical home maintenance issues you should be concerned with right now.

Preventing Heat Loss

Prepare your home to be as energy efficient as possible by sealing cracks and the openings around window and door frames by apply caulking or weather stripping as needed. There may be other openings where heat is escaping such as:

  • Around light sockets and electrical outlets
  • The drop-down door near your fold-down attic stairs
  • Your fireplace damper
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how to get your home ready to sell

This article is about the "no no's" and "do not's" of listing your home.  If you are considering an upcoming listing, I'm going to give you a comprehensive list of things to avoid, correct and change prior to listing your home for sale.  Some of the things listed below are common sense items you've heard many times.  However, in my ten plus years of real estate experience, I have added a few things of my own.  My best advice and overall theme to this article are the following points - (1) Buyers want turnkey properties and they do NOT want to do work!  (2) If you're too lazy to do the needed work, I can promise you a buyer is not going to do the work.  And, (3) whatever you do, don't use the old line, "I'm not going to change anything because I'm

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should i use a realtor to list my house 

Should I sell my house as for sale by owner or use a REALTOR®?

In an effort to save money, many people forego selling their home with a Realtor® and instead elect to sell it as a for sale by owner. This can not only be dangerous, but could actually cost you money in the long run. Why have a Realtor® represent you when listing your house? Here are nine good reasons.


sell your home fasterSelling your home with a Realtor® is likely to result in a faster sale, since Realtors® are better able to market your property. Real estate agents have access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases, which are widely searched by people looking for homes. Your agent may also know of someone who is looking for a home like the

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The importance of staging your home to sell is something everyone who is interested in selling their home has heard of. Staging is a bit of a 'buzzword' these days. Stage your home? Of course! Looking to buy a home? Well, then you expect the home to be staged. However there are some myths related to staging that you should be aware of.


Myth 1: Staging is Only for Vacant Homes

This is where most sellers tend to get nervous. If they relocate before their house sells, then they feel obligated to spend money staging their home to aid in the sale. However, staging isn't ONLY for vacant homes. Even if you are currently living in your home, staging is still extremely important. You need to present a neutral image of your home and demonstrate

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