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Home Buying Tips

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closing on a house

Closing Day: What Happens at a Home Closing?

You've found the perfect house and had your offer accepted -- no mean feat in this real estate market. You've gone through inspections and negotiations with the sellers until you both reached a comfortable compromise. Your mortgage rate is locked in, and you've even gotten a homeowner's insurance policy for your new property.

But before you can move in, you have to go through a mysterious process called "closing." You know that the result of the closing process is that you get the keys to your new house, but you're not certain about what happens during closing or what materials you need to bring. As well, you might be slightly worried: Is there anything you can do wrong during closing to jeopardize

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how to find the best realtor and real estate agent

A Guide to Finding The Right REALTOR®

Selling and buying a house can be a stressful process, but finding the best Realtors doesn't have to be a difficult task. If you follow the guidelines that a growing number of savvy home sellers are adhering to, you too can find an agent that will sell your house for the maximum amount of money possible.

Key Takeaways For How to Find a Good REALTOR®

  • The best REALTOR® isn't necessarily a friend or family member
  • The cheapest Real Estate Agent may not save you money in the end
  • Just because a REALTOR® agrees with your list price doesn't make them the best
  • Be careful of the self-proclaimed "Local Expert" REALTOR®
  • The best REALTORS® aren't hard to reach
  • Top Real Estate Agents listen to
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what is a home inspection - do i need a home inspection

Should I Get a Home Inspection?

Few people would ever buy a home without viewing it first. After all, any sensible buyer would want to see first hand what they are getting. However, the person who buys a home without a home inspection is doing this without a full knowledge of potential issues.

Inspections are a good idea even for newly built homes that pass construction codes. Home inspections in such cases are an extra layer of protection against construction defects that would otherwise require costly repair work later on.


A home inspection is a visual examination of its structural integrity and its foundation. The inspection includes the roof and walls as well as the home's systems such as the

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best neighborhoods prosper texas

Located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area is a town known as Prosper.

According to the town's website, it's committed to small town ideals and providing a quality living experience for all residents. 

Approximately 17,790 people call the town home, and its annual growth rate is eleven percent. 

Properties date as far back as 1888, and with thirty-nine neighborhoods, there is a place to call home for just about everyone.

The nominees for the best neighborhoods in Prosper include:

  • Windsong Ranch
  • Tanner's Mill
  • Frontier Estates
  • Willow Ridge
  • Parks at Legacy
  • Whitley Place
  • Lakes of La Cima
  • Lakes of Prosper

Windsong Ranch

Windsong Ranch is an award-winning master-planned community that has

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best neighborhoods in colleyville tx

What once began as a rural community is now a thriving town that's home to eleven award-winning parks.

It's called Colleyville and Money Magazine recently named it one of the "100 Best Towns in America." That's because it offers beautiful scenery, a friendly atmosphere, and home prices that suit a variety of budgets.

There are several different neighborhoods within the community, all of which have great things to offer.

Nominees for Best Colleyville, Texas Neighborhoods:

  • Leyton Grove
  • Whittier Heights
  • Bridlewood Estates
  • Somerset Manor
  • Westmont
  • Monticello
  • Castleton Manor
  • Old Grove

The following are what we consider the best neighborhoods in Colleyville:

Leyton Grove

Leyton Grove is a smaller development

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best neighborhoods in argyle texas

Nominees for Argyle Texas Best Neighborhoods

  • Country Lakes
  • Harvest
  • The Oaks
  • Settlement
  • Shadow Wood Estates
  • Normandy

Located within Denton County is a place that offers a small-town atmosphere.

It's known as Argyle, and it offers a quiet community that gives residents easy access to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Argyle isn't a large city, but despite its smaller size, there are still several great subdivisions to choose from. Some of the best neighborhoods in Argyle include the following:


This incredible master planned community is located in both Argyle and Northlake and has approximately 3,200 homes.

It is located on the historic Faught Family Farm and it's known for connecting with the land's

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how to win a bidding war for a house

Summary of Best Ways & Tips to Win Bidding War:

  • Assemble the right team
  • Have a plan of attack
  • Accept that you are not in a position of negotating power
  • No contingency offers
  • Know when it is time to walk away


Welcome to learning the best way to win that bidding war for the house you want.  While written for my market, Dallas, Texas, the tips below generally apply to all areas of the country.  My article will give a buyer some great hints, tips, and strategies to win a bidding war against the competition.  Our mission is to give you all the tools and weapons you need to successfully compete in the bidding war process.

Recently in our area the market has been flying, as I hear it has in

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dallas foreclosures

Should I Buy a Foreclosure

  • Foreclosures aren't always great deals
  • What is a short sale versus a foreclosure
  • Foreclosures are generally in bad shape
  • Banks generally do not repair foreclosures
  • A buyer will not get a seller's disclosure notice

The Fairy Tale/Myth of the Foreclosure

Many buyers are attracted to the foreclosed listing and the thought of purchasing a house way below market value. In theory, it is wonderful. In reality, there are things buyers need to know before they go down the road of purchasing a foreclosure. To be honest, very, very few people either find a foreclosure they want to purchase or end up actually buying a foreclosure.

A general rule of thumb to remember is this - the more a market is a seller's

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zillow dallas tx - are zestimates accurate

Zillow Zestimates in Dallas Texas - How Accurate are They?

About Dallas Texas Zillow Zestimates®

  • Zestimates® do not use real sold data in Texas for estimates
  • Texas is a non-disclosure state with sale prices
  • No large portal site like Zillow uses real sold data in their estimates
  • Licensed REALTORS® & Appraisers use accurate data
  • Zestimates® are important to both sellers & buyers
  • Why Zillow sometimes has outdated information
  • The Conclusion on Zestimates

With the popularity of bigger syndication websites like Zillow, Trulia and, many consumers believe they can attain the same information from those sites as they can a local, professional REALTOR®.  Unfortunately, this is false and there doesn't seem to be

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should i use a realtor when buying a house

Why You Should Use a REALTOR® when Buying a House

  • Using a REALTOR® can help you get a better deal on new construction
  • Builders' representatives work for the builder. Not you.
  • You will not get a better price on a home without using a REALTOR®
  • By hiring a REALTOR®, you will get accurate info not available on Zillow, or Trulia
  • When you have a REALTOR®, they know people & contractors to help after the purchase of a home

One question we are constantly asked is - "should I use a REALTOR® when buying a home?"  In fairness, this article is being written from the perspective of a REALTOR®.  Full disclosures and formalities out of the way, the answer is YES!  Of course I will explain and offer reasons within the body of the

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