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how to find the best realtor and real estate agent

A Guide to Finding The Right REALTOR®

Selling and buying a house can be a stressful process, but finding the best Realtors doesn't have to be a difficult task. If you follow the guidelines that a growing number of savvy home sellers are adhering to, you too can find an agent that will sell your house for the maximum amount of money possible.

Key Takeaways For How to Find a Good REALTOR®

  • The best REALTOR® isn't necessarily a friend or family member
  • The cheapest Real Estate Agent may not save you money in the end
  • Just because a REALTOR® agrees with your list price doesn't make them the best
  • Be careful of the self-proclaimed "Local Expert" REALTOR®
  • The best REALTORS® aren't hard to reach
  • Top Real Estate Agents listen to
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what is a home inspection - do i need a home inspection

Should I Get a Home Inspection?

Few people would ever buy a home without viewing it first. After all, any sensible buyer would want to see first hand what they are getting. However, the person who buys a home without a home inspection is doing this without a full knowledge of potential issues.

Inspections are a good idea even for newly built homes that pass construction codes. Home inspections in such cases are an extra layer of protection against construction defects that would otherwise require costly repair work later on.


A home inspection is a visual examination of its structural integrity and its foundation. The inspection includes the roof and walls as well as the home's systems such as the

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zillow trulia backstab realtors

Why I'm Writing This

This falls under the category of "you cannot make this stuff up!"

Very rarely would I choose to make a public stand which could result in some backlash and/or controversy.  However, something happened the other day which caused me to give great thought to the way big, national websites have treated, and continue to treat, REALTORS®.

You would think that villains would eventually get tired of being villains - Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, The Joker (my personal favorite), Dr. Evil, Mike Myers having to play all of those villains in the Austin Powers movies, etc...  It seems like a lot of work to continuously

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how to get your texas real estate license

how to get your texas real estate license

Becoming a Realtor/Real Estate Agent in Texas by getting your real estate license requires several steps.  Within this article, I will do my best to guide you along the path with the least amount of fluff while truthfully explaining all of the steps within the process as described by a Realtor and Broker with over a decade of experience in the business (me).  If you are a person in another state, most of this article will probably apply to you as well since most states have very similar state laws governing real estate licenses and license holders.  However, if you are in another state besides Texas, please contact your state board with any real estate related questions with regards to obtaining a real

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typical home maintenance issues

Spring is not the only time when you should be concerned with home maintenance. Maintenance should be performed year round to ensure your home is adequately prepared for each change in season. Getting your home ready for colder weather differs from preparing it for spring, and here are some of the typical home maintenance issues you should be concerned with right now.

Preventing Heat Loss

Prepare your home to be as energy efficient as possible by sealing cracks and the openings around window and door frames by apply caulking or weather stripping as needed. There may be other openings where heat is escaping such as:

  • Around light sockets and electrical outlets
  • The drop-down door near your fold-down attic stairs
  • Your fireplace damper
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satirical 12 days of Christmas for Realtors

on the first day of christmasOn the First Day of Christmas My Broker Gave to Me...

On the first day of Christmas, my Broker gave to me a client who insists on making ridiculous offers like properties should be free.

on the second day of christmasOn the Second Day of Christmas My Broker Gave to Me...

On the second day of Christmas, my Broker gave to me two new agents to train and a client who insists on making ridiculous offers like properties should be free.

on the third day of christmasOn the Third Day of Christmas My Broker Gave to Me...

On the third day of Christmas, my Broker gave to me three contracts with contingencies, two new agents to train and a client who insists

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how to buy a house

We are going to address the process of buying a house by offering our best tips below.  Here is a quick list of what will be covered in our guide on How to Buy a House:

Our Suggested Steps to Buying a House:

  • Are you Ready to Own a Home?
  • Best Way to Search for Homes Online
  • Find the Right Website
  • Contact a Local REALTOR
  • Talk to a Mortgage Lender
  • How to Find the Right Home
  • Closing Process
  • Funding your New House

The infographic below is a great place to start learning about the steps to buying a house:

buying a house

#1: Buying a House - Are You Ready to Own a Home?

This one is all you.  Nobody can make this decision for you.  However, most people in this situation will solicit opinions from friends, family or their spouse.

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major home inspection issues


Home inspections are both a necessary step to buying a home and are very in-depth.  If you are a first-time buyer, I bet you have never looked at home with this kind of attention to detail.  Home inspection reports can be overwhelming.  They average somewhere between 25 to 30 pages.  However, know that your home inspection will cover almost every working system and structural component of the home you are purchasing.  While there are indeed significant issues which arise on a home inspection report and should never be ignored, there are often little, pesky items which are noted on almost every inspection report I've ever seen.

Major Issues Found During a Home Inspection

Major issues which

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Written by Jeff Knox of Knox & Associates with special assistance from Debbie Drummond, a Real Estate Agent who specializes in luxury homes for sale in The Ridges of Summerlin Las Vegas.  Debbie has run PPC ads targeting this area of Las Vegas so she offers her insight into what has and has not worked for her in past PPC experiences.

google adwords for realtors

Best Pay Per Click Advertising for REALTORS®

First, this is not a sale's article.  I'm a fellow REALTOR® so this article is for information purposes only.  I have nothing to gain financially by writing this post.

Google Adwords and PPC can be like the Song of the Sirens to Realtors.  For those who aren't familiar with Greek mythology, the Song of the Sirens was a story of beautiful creatures who lured nearby

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should i use a realtor to list my house 

Should I sell my house as for sale by owner or use a REALTOR®?

In an effort to save money, many people forego selling their home with a Realtor® and instead elect to sell it as a for sale by owner. This can not only be dangerous, but could actually cost you money in the long run. Why have a Realtor® represent you when listing your house? Here are nine good reasons.


sell your home fasterSelling your home with a Realtor® is likely to result in a faster sale, since Realtors® are better able to market your property. Real estate agents have access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases, which are widely searched by people looking for homes. Your agent may also know of someone who is looking for a home like the

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