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Dallas Texas

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dallas texas family friendly activities

Family Friendly Activities In Dallas

There’s more to Dallas than the Cowboys, delicious food, and an appreciation for all things large. The city is rapidly growing and has tons of family activities that visitors and residents can both enjoy. Plus, Dallas weather is perfect this time of year. If you and the family still aren’t unconvinced, check out this list of fun things to do and your next search may be for Dallas hotels.

Central Dallas

Downtown Dallas is one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city. With a booming arts scene, tons of lush green spaces flourishing in the concrete jungle, and tons of shopping options and restaurants, Downtown Dallas is one of the best areas to entertain you and your family during your visit. Better yet, it’s

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moving to dallas lake highlandsWhen the locals say that it’s no surprise that the school system is the major attraction of a neighborhood, you know it’s a good place to live. When that neighborhood is surrounded by aged oaks and other trees, abundant green spaces, parks, water and quiet streets, you know it’s a good place to live. Add to that a population of a mere 92,000, and you have a nice place to live. People moving to Dallas wonder why residents choose a certain area of Dallas in which to live. Family-friendly, good schools, superior amenities, good employment and relaxed lifestyle attract many newcomers to a neighborhood. Lake Highlands enjoys all of this and more.

What Makes Lake Highlands So Special?

Lake Highlands began in the 1950s as your basic Dallas suburb northeast

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The Dallas Texas Real Estate Market Report for September 2016

According to the new data released by NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) in conjunction with the Metrotex Association of REALTORS® for September 2016, the Dallas real estate market still indicates there is very little change in DFW's "hot" real estate market.

Quickly Interpreting the September 2016 Market Report Numbers

In what was already considered a red hot seller's market a year ago in September 2015, the real estate statistics from September 2016 show indicators which still favor sellers over buyers and would absolutely indicate this is still a "seller's market."

All indicators listed above favors sellers.  While buyers do have more "new

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best condos & condo buildings in dallas texas

Let's Talk about the Best Condos & Condo Buildings in Dallas

Condo living is a completely different style of living than that of the single-detached homes packed into the Dallas suburbs.  Most of the condo buildings in Dallas are concentrated in or near downtown Dallas and we are going to attempt to name our favorite buildings.  The list below will range widely in prices and we believe will give a good sampling of the best condos buildings available to those wanting the condo type of lifestyle.

Nominees for Best Dallas, Texas Condos

So, what are the best condos & condo buildings in Dallas Texas?  This is a

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first time home buyers in dallas tx alphabet

Buying a home can be a stressful process.  We understand this.  In our years of real estate experiences, we have found that an educated client is absolutely the best type of client!  To alleviate as much stress as possible for our clients, we try and provide as much information prior to starting the search.  As is only natural, first time home buyers tend to be more nervous about the purchase of a home than, say, seasoned buyers who have bought and sold multiple homes.

This Article is from a REALTOR® Perspective

We are professional, licensed agents and REALTORS®.  We are not mortgage professionals and not licensed in loans.  Therefore,

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best dallas texas neighborhoods

Our Realtors Share The Best Dallas Texas Neighborhoods

As in the other articles we have composed about the Best Neighborhoods, our Realtors will rely on certain aspects which make some neighborhoods and areas better than others.  For ease of this article for both the author (me) and the reader (you) when we talk about "neighborhoods," we are going to reference larger areas of Dallas instead of individual neighborhoods.  Admittedly, these are usually considered the most popular neighborhoods in Dallas, but there is often a reason for an area being "popular" and a reason why these homes for sale in Dallas TX sell quicker and easier than other homes in some of the neighborhoods/areas which may not be as popular.

This list of the best neighborhoods

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moving to and living in dallas texas

Here's what to know about Living in Dallas Texas

If you are moving to Dallas Texas and need to know about the area, the area's best places to live and what you can expect when you relocate to our city.

If you have a move to Dallas, Texas in your future then you are going to find yourself in one of two places - pleasantly surprised or just feeling smart. Many situations can prompt a move, a major life change, vocational requirements or the completely unexpected. If Dallas is where your going to land, then you probably couldn't have chosen a nicer landing pad. If your move to Dallas is the result of a thoughtful and well researched decision, well done!


Regardless of how you find yourself calling

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eatzis merry christmas god bless america

"Merry Christmas!  God Bless America!" -- Had somebody in America not said this a few decades ago, they would have been shunned.  Now days, saying these things mean you are making a political statement to exercise your rights & beliefs to say and believe as you like.  Eatzi's Market, a chain of four local DFW eateries, has done just that this holiday season.  Eatzi's has locations around DFW in Plano, Oak Lawn, Grapevine and Lovers Lane near the Park Cities.

Personally, I have seen these large banners at the Eatzi's Oak Lawn location and the Plano, Texas location.  Whether or not you believe the same as Eatzi's, you have to applaud this private business for shoving aside the political correctness which has seemingly consumed America and openly

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tips for buying a home in a hot market

A Realtor® explains secrets to winning a bidding war

Buyers often face bidding wars for the most coveted real estate properties. To win a bidding war, make sure you prepare with a pre-approval for a mortgage from your preferred lender. Just as you might prepare for an exam, a job interview, a sporting event, a marathon, etc...  be just as prepared when you are fighting for a home you want.  Know your strategy, plan, discuss your limits with your Realtor & lender.  Do your homework and be prepared to do what you say you'll do - no more and no less.  Also, communicate with your

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