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April 2018

Found 7 blog entries for April 2018.

old house or new house

For some home buyers, a house with history is at the top of their list of "must have" features. They don't mind making an older home their very own. Other buyers would like to be the first to live in their new residence — with nothing to repair or remodel. Does it just come down to personal preference, or is purchasing a new home better than signing the papers for a house that's been lived in by others?

The good news is that the pros and cons of living in an older home vs. a newer one tend to balance each other out, making the decision one that comes down to personal preference. You may weight specific features more highly than another buyer, making one type the absolute right choice for you. Or maybe you're measuring the costs associated with

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before making offer

The process of making an offer to purchase a home should be something you've started in the background well before you get serious about making an offer on a possible house to buy.

Let's face it before you get serious; you've most likely done a lot of online research and consulted with a market expert (or at least that's what you should have been doing).  You may have gone to some open houses or kicked some tires on some homes, but you most likely weren't ready until you've decided a few things.  The most important deciding factors of where most people choose to live are things like area, neighborhood, price range, school district, number of bedrooms, amenities in the home and community, and other things you "must have" in a new home.

As a

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best home buying tips


This article is a guide for things you need to know to negotiate a better deal on a piece of property.  There are specific tips, tricks and negotiation tools only the best REALTORS® know.  Here is a glimpse of what makes some individual REALTORS® shine during negotiations.

Neither the top REALTORS® nor the smartest buyers wing it in negotiations.  Below are the best tips to learn how to get a seller to take less money for their home.  And, these tips work!


Psychology plays a HUGE roll in the negotiation of properties in real estate, and sellers are proud of their homes.  In fact, Duke University did a study on how we, as humans, price

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what do hoa dues cover

Here's What Homeowner Association Dues Cover in Condos & Neighborhoods

HOA dues are a prevalent part of home ownership in Dallas-Fort Worth.  There are generally what I call three levels of Homeowner Association Dues.  The three levels are made up of the condo HOAs; the townhome homeowners association dues; and, the single-detached subdivision HOAs.  The adage of "you get what you pay for" rings true in Homeowner Association Dues.

What Do Condo HOA Dues Cover?

Condo Homeowner Association dues are almost always the most expensive of the three.  They are usually the most costly because condos offer the most amenities for their HOA dues.  With everything under one roof, condo residents generally pay for standard amenities like a pool, fitness

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Below is a list of How to Protect Yourself (& Your Family) During a Real Estate Transaction:

For most people, the purchase of a home is the most significant financial transaction they will ever make.  That said, the very first thing a buyer needs to do is make sure they are protecting themselves and their family.  The following is a list of things I highly recommend every homebuyer know when it comes to purchasing a property in Texas.


The State of Texas is what is called a non-disclosure state. Being a non-disclosure state means home valuations from websites like Zillow, Trulia & are often wildly inaccurate. The sale price of a property is ONLY disclosed on the

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what does active option contract mean

Real Estate Statuses in Texas - Tricky Terms Explained!

The status of real estate in Texas can sometimes be a tricky thing, especially if you don't use these terms very often.  Some of the most confusing terms: Active Option Contract; Kick Out; Contingent; Backup; and, Pending (just to name a few).  Some of these status terms mean that you can still buy the house.  Unfortunately, other terms mean the house is no longer available.  By the way, these terms come from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is the platform used to display these listings.  Each MLS is owned by the local REALTOR® association.

In this article, I'm going to break down the real estate status meanings into simple language so that, hopefully, the next time you see "Active

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#1 - Do your Homework

Know Your Market

Price is obviously the first thing which comes to mind when we talk about negotiations on a home.  However, in order get the very best deal possible, you need first to know the fair market value of a home.  Texas is what is called a non-disclosure state.  The sale prices of homes in Texas are not displayed to the public and are only disclosed to the local MLS (assuming the property was listed on MLS).  The only way to get the correct sale price of a property is through an agent who has access to the MLS.  If the home was never listed on MLS, nobody, including Realtors, will know the sale's price of the property.

Having a good idea of the current, fair market value of a property is the initial step in any

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