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best condos & condo buildings in dallas texas

Let's Talk about the Best Condos & Condo Buildings in Dallas

Condo living is a completely different style of living than that of the single-detached homes packed into the Dallas suburbs.  Most of the condo buildings in Dallas are concentrated in or near downtown Dallas and we are going to attempt to name our favorite buildings.  The list below will range widely in prices and we believe will give a good sampling of the best condos buildings available to those wanting the condo type of lifestyle.  

search dallas condos

So, what are the best condos & condo buildings in Dallas Texas?  This is a question we are asked often and it is only human nature to want the "best" available.  So as local REALTORS®, we are going to attempt to name the "best" condos and condo

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relocating and moving to grapevine texas

Moving to Grapevine TX: The City of Grapevine

Bordered by Lake Grapevine on the north, the City of Grapevine is a charming, historic city that recently ranked as the fourth best Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhood (Dallas Morning News).

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In 1843, General Sam Houston, along with representatives of the Republic of Texas, met with ten American Indian nations at Birds Fort. The meeting resulted in a document known as the Treaty of the Birds, which would allow homesteaders on the land. 

Named for the plentiful mustang grapes that were in the area, Grapevine originated under the Lone Star Flag of the Republic of Texas in 1844, making it the oldest settlement in Tarrant county.


Nearly 51,000 people call the city home, and

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best neighborhoods in plano texas

REALTOR® Opinions of What are the Best Plano Texas Neighborhoods

Looking for homes for sale in Plano?  Trying to figure out where the best neighborhoods are?  Our REALTORS® detail our opinions of the best neighborhoods in Plano Texas.

best plano neighborhoods

So, how do we arrive at naming Plano's best neighborhoods?  The short answer is years of experience.  The longer (probably better) answer has actually been determined through years of watching buyers gravitate toward certain neighborhoods; constant questions from clients about certain neighborhoods and subdivisions; homes selling faster in some neighborhoods as opposed to others; and, home values rising in certain neighborhoods faster than other areas of Plano.

Plano has seen a lot of development over the

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what are the best schools in frisco tx isd

When buyers are either (1) moving to Frisco Texas, (2) trying to find the best neighborhoods in Frisco Texas; or, (3) looking for the best schools in Frisco ISD, it usually means one thing...they are seeking homes for sale in Frisco TX and trying to narrow their choices to the neighborhoods and homes which fit their wants, needs and desires.

Homes for sale in Frisco ISD come in all shapes, sizes, ages, prices and different amenities.  They also are located in all areas of the City of Frisco.  So, this article is going to address what we think are the best overall schools in Frisco and why they are the best schools Frisco Texas based upon the overall big picture.  With this article, we will get some help from the good folks at Great Schools.  We

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moving to flower mound texas


  • About the City of Flower Mound, Texas
  • Homes, Education, Jobs
  • Things to Do in Flower Mound
  • Shopping in Flower Mound
  • Top Restaurants in Flower Mound
  • City of Flower Mound Events
  • City Parks & Recreation

Moving to Flower Mound Texas - The City of Flower Mound TX

Situated in Denton County between Lake Lewisville and Lake Grapevine is an urban community called Flower Mound.

Known for its signature mound of wildflowers, it boasts excellent schools, a low crime rate, and steady job growth.

This town has received several accolades over the few years such as ranking number two on CNN Money Magazine's "Best Places to Find a Job" list, and coming in twelfth on the magazine's list of

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first time home buyers in dallas tx alphabet

Buying a home can be a stressful process.  We understand this.  In our years of real estate experiences, we have found that an educated client is absolutely the best type of client!  To alleviate as much stress as possible for our clients, we try and provide as much information prior to starting the search.  As is only natural, first time home buyers tend to be more nervous about the purchase of a home than, say, seasoned buyers who have bought and sold multiple homes.

This Article is from a REALTOR® Perspective

We are professional, licensed agents and REALTORS®.  We are not mortgage professionals and not licensed in loans.  Therefore, this article will be written from the perspective of a REALTOR®.  While we will touch on some mortgage terms,

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relocating moving to frisco texas

Quick Guide: Moving to Frisco Texas

  • About the City of Frisco Texas
  • Homes, Education, Things to Do Around Frisco
  • Best Restaurants in Frisco Texas
  • Shopping in Frisco
  • City of Frisco Events
  • Frisco Texas Parks & Recreation
  • And More...

moving to frisco texas search homes now

Moving to Frisco Texas - The City of Frisco TX

Land that once had fields of cotton, corn, and wheat now have beautiful homes, churches, and schools.

This land is now known as Frisco, and with accolades such as the "Best Place to Raise an Athlete" (Men's Journal) and the "Best Place to Live" (Money), it's no wonder that it's one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas.

If you're considering moving to Frisco, continue reading to learn all about this great city:

The People in Frisco

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relocating moving to colleyville tx

Quick Guide: Moving to Colleyville Texas

  • The City of Colleyville Texas
  • Homes, Education, Things to Do Around Colleyville
  • Best Restaurants in Colleyville
  • Shopping in Colleyville Texas
  • City Events
  • Parks & Recreation
  • And More...

Moving to Colleyville Texas - the City of Colleyville TX

What once began as a rural community is now home to over 24,000 residents.

We're talking about Colleyville, and it's located within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, just five miles from the DFW International Airport.

History of Colleyville

While the first settlement began when Samuel C.H. Whitten established a farm in the 1850s, the city does not bear his name. Instead, it's named for Dr, Lilburn Howard Colley, who came to the area

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moving to allen texas

Situated in Collin County is a wealthy city know as Allen.

According to the city's website, it attracts national attention for its affordability, education, safety, and quality of life.

Allen has received numerous accolades over the last few years including ranking second on WalletHub's "Best Cities for First-Time Homebuyers" list in 2015. It also took the top spot on the "Best Cities for Young Families" list compiled by in 2014.

If you're considering moving to Allen, please continue reading to learn more about this great city:

Moving to Allen Texas - The City of Allen TX

City of Allen Texas Safety

Allen is a very safe city, and in 2015, it came in 21st place on Safewise's "Safest Cities in Texas" list which is one

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what are the best neighborhoods in dallas texas

Our Realtors Give Their Opinions on Dallas Texas Best Neighborhoods

As in the other articles we have composed about the Best Neighborhoods, our Realtors will rely on certain aspects which make some neighborhoods and areas better than others.  For ease of this article for both the author (me) and the reader (you) when we talk about "neighborhoods," we are going to reference larger areas of Dallas instead of individual neighborhoods.  Admittedly, these are usually considered the most popular neighborhoods in Dallas, but there is often a reason for an area being "popular" and a reason why these homes for sale in Dallas TX sell quicker and easier than other homes in some of the neighborhoods/areas which may not be as popular.

This list of the best

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